ABC PARTS is a young company, formed in 2012 by a team of professionals with wide experience in the sector. More than 20 years of career together with the continuous effort and a great dedication in each one of the projects that we carry out, it makes possible to offer our customers the best products, the latest newsness and a quality service. ABC PARTS, has his  own storehouse, so in addition to an almost immediate delivery, we have a quality control of each of the products that leave our facilities, always offering the maximum guarantees.

At ABC PARTS we want to be close to our clients, so we have a network of highly qualified commercial agents, which also allows us to be close to hand, to know firsthand the needs of all our clients and the market, to provide solutions and Look for new products that meet the expectations of the final consumer.




    At ABC PARTS we have a storehouse of 5.000m2, which allows us to have a large number of products in stock and thus offer our customers a fast and quality service.


    Are you a professional and want to place an order or solve a doubt? We have a specialized team that will offer you all the information you need with just one call.


    We want to make easier the work for our customers, for this reason Professionals who have a website can request our catalog in CSV, so they can upload our products to his website quickly and easily.


    We have commercial agents throughout Spain and Portugal, so if you are not yet a customer, you can request a visit where you will receive all the information and support you need to start distributing our products.


    We like to work with the best, so we work with the biggests brands in the automotive sector in regards to tools, accessories, cleaning and car care products.


    Always committed to the quality of our products and customer satisfaction, all our products have 1 year warranty* against all manufacturing defects. *For bulbs and brushes consult.



In ABC PARTS we like to work with the best, quality assurance and excellent results, therefore we are unique distributors in Spain and Portugal of brands like GOOD YEAR, TURTLE WAX, STP, ARMOR ALL, ARBRE MAGIQUE®, CHUPA CHUPS or SPARCO CORSA. But not only do we stay there, we also bet on the licensing of big brands like DISNEY, STAR WARS, CANINE PATROL, MARVEL ... and we like to be the latest in accessories and childcare products, because we know that trips can Be the beginning of a great adventure.


Wide range of anti-theft devices. Different types of steering wheel locks, nuts and anti-theft screws, everything you need to avoid worrying about the safety of your vehicle


The most recognized brand of car air fresheners in the world is born in the USA more than 60 years ago. The first ARBRE MAGIQUE® air freshener comes from the aromatic oils of pine needles, a specialty of its inventor, for which it was given this characteristic shape. Today we can see this air freshener in multiple films and TV shows, and is that its pine shape makes it easily recognizable, making it a symbol of freshness and quality.


The discovery of a "miracle formula" in 1962 changed the concept of cleaning the vehicle, this formula protected the rubber, plastic and vinyl of ultraviolet radiation, ozone and the harmful effects of nature. In 1966 began its commercialization in the USA becoming very popular quickly thanks to its easy application and its multiple benefits. Over the years the brand ARMOR ALL has always gone a step further, and its great secret is that it has continued to innovate.


Armrest brand combining innovation and quality, a large assortment of specific armrests that fit perfectly in your vehicle, and have a simple installation. Ergonomic and magnificent finishes. Do not give up driving comfort.


Brand par excellence for the accessories of your vehicle, with a wide range of products for the interior and exterior, BC CORONA is undoubtedly one of the most traveled brands in SPAIN. Seat covers, knobs, steering wheel covers, mats, antennae, bellows, terminals, armrests, moldings, pads, back covers ... anything that renews or personalize the appearance of your car has the name BC CORONA


Synonymous with quality and power in all its tools, BLACK AND DECKER is the largest producer of power tools and accessories in the world. Present in over 100 countries and a leader in the market, this American company with more than 100 years of life not only grows, but also reinforces its name thanks to the constant work that day to day realizes in products for the home as for professionals.


Who has not seen the adventures of Ray McQueen? And is that CARS is success assured at the blockbuster, so Disney and Pixar Animation Studios they do it again ... and soon we will see the new CARS 3 movie! The # 95 best known driver, Ray McQueen, accompanied by a new Hispanic runner, Cruz Ramirez, will show everyone that Ray can still follow and not surrender to the new Jackson Storm driver.


Disney did it again! The film Frozen triumphed among the little ones becoming one of Disney's favorite films, winner of 2 Oscars in 2013, now we can offer you a whole range of childcare accessories for the little ones, and not only will accompany your soundtrack in Travel, now, in addition to listening, we can see your favorite characters whenever we get into the car.


Mickey Mouse's wonderful girlfriend debuted in 1928, becoming a Disney animation classic. Very flirty, conquer the heart of old and new. Now we can enjoy it by wearing our car with its characteristic style and fun so that small and large can share joy while traveling.


Disney movies are full of princesses, from the classic Snow White and Cinderella to Merida or Mulan. A world of fantasy that makes almost every girl in the world have ever dreamed, seeing these films, that they were the protagonists of the story. Enjoy the full range of PRINCESS childcare in your vehicle now.


Boasting the "Made in Spain" brand, EASY SOCK snow textile chains offer high performance for any tire size. In addition to great safety on roads with snow, they are very easy to assemble. Great value for money.


At GOOD YEAR they are aware that new discoveries are turning into new technologies (the company owes its name to the inventor of the Charles GOODYEAR rubber vulcanization process) and new technologies offer better driving experiences. All this combined with great creativity and top quality, have made them one of the leading tire manufacturers in the world.


Japanese brand par excellence SANRIO, with its famous character HELLO KITTY, has transcended the brand image to become an icon. SANRIO emerges more than 40 years ago with the slogan SMALL GIFT, GREAT SMILE!, the basis of all his work. SANRIO are convinced that a gift is a means of expressing feelings, and this is the philosophy when designing any of the products of this great brand, whether set for automotive, stationery or TV series.


In 1992 Hummer was born, a brand of off-road vehicles derived from military vehicles. Hummer is, without a doubt, synonymous with durability and power. The same durability and power of these vehicles now in pocket size thanks to their Powerbank starters and chargers Hummer that we offer in our catalog. Do not ever get ripped off again and start any kind of battery you need from a tank to revive.


The safety of the little ones while driving is one of the biggest concerns of parents. KIDS SAFE selects the best materials and designs, which provide not only protection and safety with its approved child restraint systems, but also comfort for a more pleasant journey. The study of the ergonomics in these products is essential, both to know the degree of impact before a collision and its possible consequences on the child, as well as to take care of the back and the natural position of the child.


George Eastman (the founder of KODAK) put the first simple camera into the hands of a world of consumers in 1888. His goal - to make photography as convenient as the pencil. Today the KODAK In-Car Accessories collection aims at helping people on the go and helps keep your smart phones charged so you don't miss those little moments.


30 years of experience, dedicated to the manufacture and marketing of equipment for car repair. On this website you will find the diagnostic equipment with the most advanced technology, among many other products for the repair shop.


It comes to solve the basic necessities of the care and maintenance of the vehicle with tools, emergency articles and liquids MOTORKIT (antifreeze, windshield and ADBLUE). We like to work with national product, and we are proud to say that all our MOTORKIT liquids are manufactured in SPAIN, complying with the most rigorous regulations and quality controls, giving added value and enhancing the SPAIN brand.


The new ORIGEN range of products goes one step further, great design and quality in high-end products. with perfect fit, both knobs, rugs or seat covers.

Taking care of all the details, finishes and materials, the ORIGEN range is intended for those who seek perfection in the details and parts that perfectly adapt to our car model.

Complete the full and amazing range of the wide variety of car models for which they are suitable.


One of the world's leading lighting manufacturers with a history dating back over 100 years. Provider of lighting technology focused in the areas of: Specialized lighting, Opto Semiconductors, Digital Systems and Lighting Solutions. OSRAM has a very broad portfolio of products, ranging from high-tech applications using semiconductor, infrared and laser based technologies to intelligent network lighting solutions for buildings and urban áreas


Brand of air fresheners with origin "made in Spain", PARADISE SCENTS offers a wide range of formats and aromas, pleasant and lasting fragrances that will accompany each one of your trips. Just choose the perfume that best suits you and let you carry by his sensations.


There's no hard work for a Paw Patrol! And this great Patrol has been giving everyone joy for years. Providing great values to the small ones of the house like the teamwork and the companionship, we want that these adventures follow in each trip with the range of accessories of puericulture, so that all together we make a trip more joyful and happy.


Ryobi, brand of the TTI Group, one of the largest manufacturers of power tools in the World, is a brand that provides all its clients with professional characteristics at a super competitive price. That is why Ryobi is the brand of millions of homeowners, carpenters, DIY enthusiasts.


Racing enthusiasts will know more about this brand, and is that SPARCO was established in 1977 as one of the best brands in safety in the world of motorsports. Today it is one of the leading suppliers of sportswear and accessories for competition, as well as supplying original carbon seats and components for the automotive, aerospace and Formula 1 industries.


The brand of bumper launched by ABC PARTS that is born of the need to take care of bumps and scratches to our vehicle. Different measures and ways to adapt to any area: columns, corners, walls ... and is that not only protects, it also makes those difficult areas of the garage more visible.


Leading company in treatments and additives for the engine, arises more than 50 years. The proven effectiveness of STP products led them in 1970 to be one of the most recognized brands in the United States in the world of automotive. Nowadays, this recognition has only been growing, so it is already commercialized in almost every country in the world. It has been proven that using STP products on a regular basis, the engines not only work better for longer, they also reduce fuel consumption and lengthen engine life.


Everything you need in lighting for your vehicle comes from the hand of SUPERLITE, position bulbs, set of lamps, halogen lamps, reversing bulbs, led, ... both the visibility of our vehicle and our visibility behind the wheel are a few Of the most important factors when driving. Signaling each of our actions at the wheel allows a safe driving for us and other drivers, so the SUPERLITE bulbs are the best option, to see and to see you.


With over 85 years of experience TURTLE WAX is a benchmark in the world of car cleaning and care. Its world-known liquid car wax was just the beginning. Today they produce a wide range of products that not only clean, but restore and restore the vehicle's original brightness. TURTLE WAX is a guarantee of protection and brightness, providing impeccable finishes.


For more than 128 years, the name VARTA has stood for market-leading battery solutions, and we have been committed to the brand promise behind the 'Made in Germany' label for all this time. VARTA Consumer is internationally renowned for its quality, competence and customer proximity. Producing predominantly in the south of the country, VARTA Consumer is the sole manufacturer of alkaline batteries that relies on its location in Germany.


In 2009, with the visionary director and composer Jeremy Zag, the world-famous TV series "Tales of Ladybug & Cat Noir" was born in France. From that moment on, it continues to grow and is considered a global independent entertainment studio that specializes in storytelling worldwide on television, film and digital platforms. From Abc Parts we are pleased to offer this license so that the smallest of the house can enjoy their favorite heroes in the car. The Abc Parts family continues to grow.



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